Friday, September 7, 2012

Handmade relief carved Celtic cross ceramic tile set

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18 x 30 Relief carved ceramic Celtic tile set
One of the oldest amuletic signs in the world is the cross, and the history of this powerful symbol is very ambiguous. At one time it was believed that it was entirely of Christian origin, but in fact it was in use by the Pagan peoples of western Asia and Europe many centuries before Christ and in the Americas long before Christianity arrived there. All known human civilizations have art or symbols and there are no systems of symbols that don't include circles and crosses. A plain circle is often representative of the moon and a plain cross along with it's variants the four directions. A cross within or extending beyond a circle, a very important symbol for the ancient Druids, is a universal symbol for the sun. Though the cross has become  predominately associated with Christianity, older meanings still persist. The Celtic Monks of the early Church practiced a simple life finding joy in spirituality, love and creation. This was also the Druids way in their worship of nature. That the Celtic cross within a circle coincides with the emergence of the cross as a Christian symbol at a time when the Gospel was being delivered to a sun worshiping culture is interesting. 

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