Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Handmade, relief carved ceramic dragonfly tile

7 1/2" round relief carved dragonfly tile
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A creature of wind & water, dragonflies have inhabited this planet for almost 300 millon years, so It's not surprising that in most cultures throughout the world they have been the object of many associations & superstitions both good and bad. They are a much admired & respected symbol of good luck in Japan as well as in China where they are associated with prosperity & harmony. To the Native Americans dragonflies were a sign of happiness, purity and speed, able to travel at 45 mph. In Swedish folklore they were known for sewing the mouths closed of children who told a lie. The Welsh called them snakes servants believing they followed snakes around to stitch up any wounds they might incure. They were also reported to measure human souls for good & evil. Dragonflies have a strong connection to Freya, a Norse goddess of love, fertility and warfare.
It is speculated that the source of our modern symbol of love may be the paired bodies of mating dragonflies which form the shape of a heart.