Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Decorative relief carved ceramic Wild Rose tile/plaque

6x6 relief carved, hand painted ceramic Wild rose tile/plaque.
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~ Rose Beads ~
1/2 pound of fresh Rose petals
1/4 pound of fine salt
1/2 once each
Pound all ingredients in a mortar or grind in a meat or grain grinder (if your petals are dry boil them in a small amount of water first) Shape into balls, slide a thick needle or toothpick through the centers for a hole. They will shrink and dry in a few days and continue to harden with age. When very hard they can be polished with vegetable oil.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Decorative handmade relief carved Celtic eagle ceramic tile

3x11.5 relief carved ceramic Celtic eagle tile done in a (now available again) metallic green art glaze.
Available to order from
Eagles figure prominently in the mythology of almost every Native American tribe and one of the most widespread clan animals. Most cultures consider them medicine birds with impressive magical powers, and they play a major role in the religious ceremonies of many tribes. Among the Pueblo, Eagles are considered one of the six directional guardians associated with upward movement, spirituality and balance. The Zuni carve protective Eagle stone fetishes, assigning them both healing and hunting powers and the Eagle dance is one of the most important traditional dances held by the Hopi and other Pueblo tribes. In some tribal mythology Eagle plays a leadership role, in other legends Eagle serves as a messenger between humans and the creator. The Golden Eagle is particularly associated with warriors and courage in battle. Plains Indian men earned Golden Eagle feathers as war honors. Some North West coast tribes dusted the floor with Eagle down before a Pot latch and other ceremonies as a symbol of peace and hospitality. Being considered such powerful medicine animals there was many restrictions placed on hunting or killing them, eating the meat of an Eagle was forbidden by many tribes. In some Plains Indian tradition feathers could only be acquired by plucking them from a live Eagle, I dare say not an easy task.