Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Decorative ceramic raven tile

Ravens, well known for thier intelligence, have been distinguished in numerous cultures as a harbinger of powerful secrets. To the Celts Bran, the Welsh word for Raven, is associated with healing, initiation, protection and the gift of prophecy. For the Norse they are symbolic of mind, thought & wisdom. In Native North American tradition the raven is a venerated bird of creation, known as the bringer of light as well as being wise & sly.

This is our 14 x 7 demi lune raven tile. I thought I'd feature this tile today after a friend of mine that was visiting for a couple of days had an interesting raven encounter on a trail by the beach.
This tile is one of my personal favorites and holds a feature spot in my kitchen. As with all our demi lune tiles it looks great over a doorway, especially if your an Edgar Allen Poe fan.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green man ceramic tile

Here is our new 6 x 6 green man tile. The green man has been a powerful symbol throughout western culture, representing male energy and the eternal cycle of decay and renewal.