Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Relief carved ceramic faerie tile

Our new 6x6 faerie tile.
Available at

Asking questions, open minds
Looking in between
Seeking love, and various kinds
Of creatures yet unseen

Taking chances, bravely stride
Beyond the realms we know
With magic hoping to collide
To feel our spirits grow

Stepping closer to the brink
We ponder mythic themes
Through the veil, with mother sync
World of wonder,  faerie dreams.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Decorative handmade ceramic crane tile

6 x 6 Crane tile done in a mocha cream gloss glaze.

One of the most frequently mentioned birds of the ancient Irish & British tradition, the crane represents secret knowlege, patience & longevity. The same symbolism is attributed to the crane in Chinese culture as well, where next to the phoenix it is the most favored of all the bird symbols.
Cranes dance in circles, which the ancients associated with both the movement of the sun and their role as guides, leading souls out of incarnation and back again to birth ( the stork?) Many cultures around the world were known to enact ritual crane dances, using nine steps and a leap while weaving in and out of a maze pattern to symbolize the journey of the soul.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade Celtic Ceramic tile installation

Here's a picture of one of our 30 x 30 Celtic tile sets in the process of being installed. We don't do installing ourselves, we just make the tiles, but we do recomend shopping around for a setter that's had some experience with handmade tiles. Because of the variations there is often more "eyeballing" and minor adjustments to be done than you'll get with most manufactued tiles. is a pretty informatve site if your planning on doing your own tile setting.