Sunday, September 2, 2012

Decorative relief carved ceramic Celtic knot tiles

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 In this age of ever increasing advancement in science and technology there is a danger of older accomplishments in the arts, crafts customs and pursuits being discarded and forgotten.
Decorative knotwork, the most identifiable type of Celtic art produced by the ancient Celts was born in prehistory and has been steeped in mystery since it's death some thousand years ago. Methods of original construction are obscure, but the beauty, complexity and excellence of design and workmanship achieved by Celtic artisans can be seen in examples of the art that have survived on carved stone, in jewelry, metal work and in ancient illuminated manuscripts. The symbolism is not that concrete, like the knots themselves their meanings are fluid and abstract, more related to the universe and life in general than to specific interactions. As an art form it is unique, and the current popular interest it inspires is important for it's continuity and development as a new artistic expression of Celtic origin.  

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