Sunday, September 9, 2012

Decorative relief carved lizard ceramic tile set

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12 x12 relief carved lizard ceramic tile set
After taking two of our grand kids to visit my friends lizard today I was inspired to feature our lizard tile set along with a snippet of Hawaiian mythology.
The geckos of Hawaii, which likely arrived as stowaways aboard early Polynesian canoes, have a great reputation rooted in the earliest history of the Islands.
For centuries four of over 900 species world wide thrived on the Hawaiian Islands. These gentle little geckos were sacred and deeply respected as the modest representatives of the giant great magical lizard, the Mo'o, an ancient mythological dragon like being appearing in legends throughout Polynesia. In early Hawaiian tradition, as part of an intricate communication system with the gods, the shape-shifting lizard Mo'o was one of the oldest and most powerful guardian spirits along with the shark, owl and hawk. These guardian spirits had living representatives which provided their wisdom to people through dreams and visions.

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