Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Handmade relief carved wild rose ceramic tile

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3x3 relief carved, hand painted ceramic wild rose tile

 Wild roses & rose hips have been used medicinally, cosmetically and as a source of nutrition for thousands of years. They are mentioned in many ancient manuscripts and have been found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. In the middle ages rose hip tea was used to calm anxiety and depression as well as to aid circulation. To this day it is still used for these and many other purposes.
Roses are very beneficial for the heart, mind, stomach and respiratory system, teas and tonics made from the hips are used to treat nearly every digestive upset, coughs, flues, fevers, menstrual cramps, hypertension, along with a wide range of disorders caused by vitamin deficiencies, most notably vitamin C. Taken internally or applied topically roses help to enhance the skin, hair and nails. Poultices made from the flower and plant are used to heal burns & rashes, eliminate the pain of bee stings and sooth puffy sore eyes. There are hundreds of species of the genus Rosa, both wild and domestic with more every day due to their ability to naturally cross pollinate. Every part of the rose plant with the exception of the thorns is edible and beneficial. Even smelling roses is known to have an uplifting and energizing effect on the mind body and soul, and their beauty has inspired many a love poem. So DO 'stop to smell the roses' and maybe eat a few as well, you will be accepting one of natures most precious healing gifts.

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