Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decorative relief carved red clover ceramic tile

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3x3 relief carved, hand painted red clover ceramic tile
Red clover, whose Latin name (Trifolium pratense) means ' clover found in meadows' is a primary food source for honey bees, bumble bees and and dozens of types of moths & butterflies. Though it is native to Europe, west Asia and Northwest Africa it's ability to flourish in such a wide range of climates has enabled it to naturalize in many other parts of the world. Where ever it's found, despite often being perceived as a weed, clover is an environmental and economic asset. Aside from aiding the ever more delicate survival of pollinating insects and being a valuable source of nourishment for nearly any herbivore, clover also helps to re-build depleted soil, being one of the most efficient nitrogen locking ground covers.
There is an old expression 'to be in clovers' which means living an easy carefree life of comfort and prosperity. This expression originally comes from clover being known to fatten cattle and preserve the soil of the pastures. Perhaps the exuberant red clover with it's tiny, perfectly balanced  inflorescence's is a good reminder of the important balancing aspects of nature which we can so often overlook.

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