Friday, September 6, 2013

Decorative relief carved ceramic cat tile/plaque

7x14 half round, relief carved ceramic cat tile/plaque with a notch in the back for hanging.
Available to order in a variety of colors from
Ancient Egyptians placed great value on the domesticated cat, who were important in curtailing the spread of disease and protecting grain stores from rats. Their status has been likened to that of the cow in modern day India and the death of a family cat was cause for great mourning, those who could afford it had them embalmed or buried in one of many cat cemeteries. This is possibly the reason why the cat headed goddess, Bast was one of the most favorite deities of the day. She was the daughter of Ra,  known as a wild goddess who was originally depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness, connected to the sun and later in history a cat headed woman with connections to the moon. To those in her favor she bestowed great blessings, but her wrath if displeased was legendary and to harm a cat, sacred to her, was a great transgression. The worship of Bast, also known as  'The eye of  Ra' was widespread and her cult had a great deal of power. Some Pharaohs even took her name in their king names and her temple in Bubastis, the capital of Egypt for a time, was rivaled in splendor only by the temples of  Ra, her father and Horus, her brother.

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