Sunday, September 15, 2013

Decorative handmade, relief carved and hand painted ceramic swan tile

12 x12 Relief carved and hand painted ceramic swan tile.
~The Swans of Lir (In a nut shell)~
There once was a king of the Tuatha De Danaan, faery folk of the hollow hills, named Lir who had four lovely children. Well known for their beautiful voices, Lir's brood were loved by all save Aoifa, their hateful stepmother. One morning after much plotting and planning, Aoifa struck each child with a magic wand as they bathed in the lake, turning the children into four white swans. The curse upon them was to remain as swans for nine hundred years until they heard the tolling of a bell and news of a marriage between a prince of the north and princess of the south. They remained able to speak and sing as humans, but they had the heart and soul of wild swans. When nine hundred years had past and Ireland had become Christian, the swans heard the bells of St. Kernoc's church. They went to the church and were given the news of  a marriage between the southern princess and northern prince. The swan children were released from the curse and as the magical swan feathers left them they became human and instantly died of old age... which was a good thing after nine hundred years.

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