Saturday, June 29, 2013

Decorative relief carved Celtic triquetra ceramic tile/plaque


8x8 relief carved Celtic trinity or triquetra ceramic tile/plaque.
The belief in three connected worlds or aspects is found throughout the ancient traditions, magic and mythology of cultures world wide. In Celtic tradition the three words consisted of sky, earth and the underworld. Deities related to major celestial cycles and patterns dwelt in the sky world, ssymbolized by the sun, moon and stars. It was considered the highest realm of seer ship in shamanistic magic. The earth, home to humans, animals and other entities including gods and goddesses relating to the forces of nature is the most complicated. With the other two worlds overlapping it, earth contained a measure of all three aspects. The upper zone being connected with forces of weather and bird flight. Human, plant and animal life along with the four directions is contained in the middle zone and was considered the general territory of human consciousness. The lower zone of sacred springs, wells, lakes, caves and burial mounds taps into the underworld. This was the realm of fairies, elder gods and goddesses and the dimension of dark magic relating to the crone or dark goddess. And then there was the underworld, linked harmonically to the stars it's inhabitants were ancestral beings, ex humans and deities along with other entities controlling the mysterious energies of life, death and rebirth.