Thursday, June 20, 2013

Decorative handmade relief carved Celtic green man tile/plaque

6x6 relief carved ceramic Celtic green man tile/plaque.
Happy Summer Solstice to the Northern hemisphere
The first day of summer has long been recognized and celebrated by many cultures the world over.
In the Druid tradition it is a time of great magical power and the green man is honored as being at the height of his power before the start of his demise.
The ancient Egyptians built the great pyramids in such a way that the sun on solstice day when viewed by the sphinx, sets precisely between two of the pyramids. Recently the remains of an astronomical observatory in a long buried Maya city were found in Guatemala where all the buildings were designed to align with the sun during the solstices. One of the most famous early 'calendars' Stonehenge in the UK has been associated with summer and winter solstice for around 5,000 years and observers still watch the solstice sun rise over the heel stone just outside the main ring of standing stones. For many ancient populations closely associated with agriculture the summer solstice were more than just magical, it marked a turning point in the growing season and these 'calendars' were very important. Knowing when events were going to happen and being prepared for them was essential to the communities well being.   

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