Saturday, April 20, 2013

Decorative relief carved ceramic Celtic tree tile

Tile installation featuring our 6x6 relief carved Celtic tree tile and 3x3 Celtic heart tiles.
And now for some more tree lore... The Ogham, often called the 'Celtic tree alphabet' consists of twenty five simple strokes centered on or branching off a central line. It is different in origin, but similar in purpose to Nordic Runes. Like Runes the characters were generally either written on staves of wood or inscribed on stones. Most likely pre-Celtic in origin it is considered a powerful language of symbolism, carrying with it some of the very earliest Druid wisdom. The alphabet itself is based on a high Medieval 'Briatharogam' tradition (A two word combination which explains the meanings of the letters of the Ogham alphabet) where each letter of the alphabet bears the name of a tree. It has also been suggested that the ancient Celts used a Lunar calendar of thirteen, twenty-eight day months, each month having the name of a tree and representing one of the consonants of the tree alphabet.

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