Saturday, April 13, 2013

Decorative hand painted ceramic tile floor set
33"x 57" Colorful custom hand painted ceramic tile floor set by Earth Song Tiles.
Color is the one area in daily life where symbolism is most apparent. It has an immediate impact on our emotions, with the power to arouse, sooth, gladden or depress. It makes sense that the effect colors have on the mind is derived from associations with the natural world, though more esoteric explanations have also been suggested as well. The seven colors of the spectrum being linked to the magical number seven and with the number of notes on the musical scale. In brief, red symbolizes the life force, fire, energy and arousal. Blue is the hue of peace and contemplation, symbolizing the sky, infinity, coolness and water. Green, an ambivalent color is associated with sensations, growth, decay and healing. Violet is the most mystical, combining the power of red with the wisdom of blue, used as a focus for meditation to raise the consciousness to higher levels. Yellow, the color of sun, warmth, memory and also humility. At a deeper level color symbolizes an essential quality within life itself, with death most often perceived as either black or white, both having the absence of observable color.


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