Sunday, October 6, 2013

Decorative handmade, relief carved ceramic gnome tiles.

Relief carved and hand painted 4x4 ceramic Gnome tiles.
Wheat, along with rice has been a primary source of nourishment for the human race since pre-historic times. The history and evolution of humans and that of wheat are closely related, the ability to sew and reap cereal such as wheat and barley is thought to be one of the main reasons man largely gave up the nomadic life of hunting and gathering to live together in communities. Ancient Egyptians produced the earliest risen loaves of  bread from wheat and yeast, 5000 year old loaves from Egypt have been found in archaeological sites. In 168 BC the Roman Bakers guild was created, due to the great importance of bread to the population Bakers unlike all other craftsmen were recognized as free men instead of slaves. In Turkey where it is speculated wheat originated from, wheat bread is still considered sacred as is wheat itself in parts of China.
Today, close to one third of the worlds population depends on wheat for sustenance.

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