Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Decorative relief carved Celtic ceramic tile set

Relief carved 4x4 Celtic knot with four custom shaped tiles to make a 6x6 set.
Available to order from
Here is another entry from Uncle David's Big Book of Numbers by David Botton
FOUR is the first square of a prime number and because of its pleasing balance
and stability has represented Justice. (Perhaps that’s why we speak of a
square deal) It was once thought the world was composed of four basic elements;
air, water, fire, and earth. Four is certainly an “earthy” number as
four strong winds blow in four directions from the 
four corners of the earth throughout four seasons.
It requires only four colours to produce a map of the earth wherein no adjacent
countries are the same colour.
Einstein defined time as a fourth dimension, but many more have been postulated since then.
The Bible’s Old Testament tells of;
four rivers of paradise which prefigure the
four gospel writers of the New Testament who are also associated with the
four beasts of Revelations who bid us see the
four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (coming soon, so they say, to a theatre near you).
The Manu Smitri advocates four stages of life for Bhramin men;
student, householder, penitent, renunciant.
The Buddha taught Four Noble Truths which are (to paraphrase); 
Life sucks.
The reason life sucks is because we want stuff.
If we stop wanting stuff life wouldn’t suck so much.
There is an eightfold path that leads to the cessation of wanting stuff.
Some of the most pleasing musical intervals are associated with the ratios of one to four,
as string quartets know, and the Fab Four taught us to love more.
A pair of partners can play a multitude of games with the four suits in a standard
deck of cards or if something more active is desired ...
anyone for doubles tennis?

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