Saturday, March 23, 2013

Decorative handmade ceramic wave border tile

8x2.5 relief carved and hand painted ceramic wave border tile.
Available in a variety of colors and finishes from
In honor of World Water day yesterday here is one of the several Irish legends surrounding the creation of my namesake, Ireland's longest river the Shannon, named after the Celtic goddess Sionna. This particular story tells of Coelrind, a well filled with salmon that were very wise from eating hazelnuts containing 'eigse' the spirit and inspiration of poetry and wisdom that dropped into the well from the trees above. These special salmon were highly sought after by men, but women were forbidden to catch or eat them, which is just what Sionna, mortal rebel daughter of the moon and granddaughter of the sea god Lir decided to do one day. No sooner had she caught and eaten one of the wondrous fish when the water of the well rose overflowing, sweeping Sionna and the salmon all the way to the Atlantic ocean, creating the Shannon river. Sionna was transformed into the goddess of the river and  her city under it's estuary, which is only above the waves once every seven years, is deadly for mortals to look upon. The salmon still make their way back to the river every year to spawn and die in the water from the well of their birth place.

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