Saturday, February 9, 2013

Decorative relief carved, hand painted ceramic iris tile

4x10 relief carved and hand painted ceramic Iris tile.
The iris is one of the most readily recognized flower in the world, with over 300 species in every color of the rainbow. It's Rhizome root known as Orris has been used since ancient times for perfumes, soap and it's medicinal properties. In ancient Greece the goddess Iris was credited with restoring calm to the forces of nature after a storm, known as the keeper of the rainbow which she personified to lead the souls of women to the Elysian fields, abode of the blessed after death. It was customary in Greece for purple Irises to be planted on the graves of women in honor of her task.
Her symbol and staff  is two intertwined snakes and besides being the goddess of the rainbow Iris was also a faithful servant and messenger to both her mistress Hera and the other Olympian gods, being one of the few Olympians that could travel to and from the underworld with messages.

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