Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Decorative relief carved ceramic heron tile

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5x12 relief carved heron ceramic tile
The heron, sacred bird of the Druids is a symbol and embodiment of patience, learning, longevity, magic and secret knowledge. Native to nearly all parts of the world, the heron has always been a wonder of nature, beheld by ancient peoples long before known history. Herons are strongly connected to to the older more primal aspects of Celtic lore. They are special to the sea god Manannan MacLir (son of the sea) as well as to the triple goddess formed by the union of  the goddesses Badb, Macha and Morrigan. The heron is particularly associated to Morrigan, the phantom queen believed to have been a manifestation of Cailleach the veiled hag. Cailleach is mother to the gods, creator of mountains, very old and connected to all life forms. She is also known as the 'White moon goddess' and the heron, one of her many sacred animals is known as the 'Moon bird'

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