Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Handmade, relief carved ceramic oak leaf border tile

2x2 acorn and 2x5 oak leaf tiles shown here in a pine matte art glaze.

The sacred oak is deeply rooted in Celtic culture and lore and holds powerful symbolism in Wiccan belief and ceremony. To the ancient Celts, Greeks and Romans wearing oak leaves was a sign of status, symbolizing nobility, courage, strength, loyalty, family protection and honor. The oak is believed to hold extrordinary power due to it's ability to attract lightening, more oak trees are hit by lightening than any other tree. The element of fire and the gods Dagda ( Celtic), Thor (Norse) and Jupiter (Roman) are all connected to oak as well as Jupiters wife Juno, goddess of marriage, thus making the oak also a symbol of conjugal  fidelity & fulfillment. In the Drudic tradition the oak (Duir) is the tree of May, of June and Litha (summer solctice) in the Wiccan tradition.
It is in this time, as the earth begins to warm and come alive that we are reminded of life, fertility, birth and renewal. As we bear witness to the wisdom, strength and endurance found in the gentle persistance of nature, we are compelled to honor that which heals, comforts and protects us. All such earthly blessings are symbolized by the mighty oak.

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