Sunday, December 18, 2011

Decorative relief carved ceramic Celtic dogs tile
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Even as magical beasts grew rare in the Western world, travelers tales would suggest they still flourished in remote corners of the earth. Marco Polo, the Italian wanderer,  reported that a society of canine people inhabited the Andaman Island off  what was the coast of  Burma. Although there was mention of sometimes devouring mortals, they still engaged in a prosporous trade with India. A much more peaceful fare of rice, nuts, apples and milk being the usual diet. Several decades after Marco Polos journeys, Sir John Mandeville, an English writer, described another dog headed tribe. The king of these beast people on the Island of Macumeran, a far away place no longer known, had an enormous ruby pendant about his neck. His subjects, reported Mandeville, wore the image of the ox which they worshiped on their turbans. That seemed to be all Mandeville was able to tell of them ; )

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