Friday, April 15, 2011

Relief carved Saraswati ceramic tile

4 x 16 Saraswati tile shown here in honey underglaze with a clear gloss finish
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Saraswati, a river Goddess in early history is better known now as the Goddess of knowledge and art, representing the free flow of wisdom & consciousness. She is also associated with anuraga, the love for and rythym of music, she plays the music of love and life on her vina.
There is a legend that when Shiva opened his third eye, the flame that eminated from it threatened to destroy everything in it's path. Saraswati undaunted, knowing that it would only destroy that which was impure took the shape of a river. She carried the flame deep into the sea  transforming it into a fire breathing mare and declared the creature would stay underground as long as wisdom was sought after on earth.


  1. Hello,

    This is a very nice statue of the Lord Saraswati made with ceramic tile. I think this must be the latest design of this tile. Thanks for posting all the helpful information.