Friday, April 9, 2010

New Celtic cross carving in progress

Here's my latest carving in progress, an 8x8 Celtic cross tile. I'm not exactly churnning them there carvings out at a terrific speed lately. This one will probably be finished this weekend, unless the grandkids come over... I hope I don't get it finished this weekend : )  A 6x6 green man next.


  1. I am so blessed by your talent, thank you for sharing. I hope to buy one for my friends who were missionarys in Wales. They will be much pleased.


  2. They still send missionarys to Wales? Lol, just kidding. Thank you Tracey, I will post a finished one as soon as I have it done. It has a lot of small detail so the carving takes more time than some, and a higher strength of reading glasses.